Dental Insurance Verification

One less task for your staff to spend time on.

Efficient outsourcing

Clear Communication

Dental Insurance Verification can be a very detail intensive process. There are so many moving parts that sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of.

To combat this, we log all communication through our ticketing system, giving you the ability to search through previous conversations quickly and easily.

Dental outsourcing

Dedicated Account Manager

Your practice is unique, and it's important for us to understand your workflow and preferences to provide the best possible service.

Instead of working with multiple employees, your office is assigned a single insurance verification account manager that will learn the specifics of your practice. This gives us the ability to closely monitor daily tasks and responsibilities, and also provides you with a single point of contact for anything related to insurance verification.

Verifying dental insurance benefits

Every Patient Verified

Our approach is a little different than most. Instead of picking and choosing which patients you need to verify, we verify every patient on the schedule. Even patients that are added last minute.

From new patients exams and routine cleanings, to post-ops and crown seats, you won't have to worry if your patient's insurance is active and up-to-date. We make sure that when a patient is in your office, you are confident that their insurance is taken care of.

Cleaning up unorganized dental insurance plans

Clean-Up and Consolidation

We know that sometimes things can get messy. Insurance plans can get confusing if they are not properly entered in your software. Having trust that your treatment plans are calculated correctly is extremely important.

We see hundreds of insurance plans a day, from practices all over the country and have created internal systems to aid in cleaning up and consolidating inaccurate or duplicated plans.

Detailed dental insurance plan notes

Detailed Insurance Notes

Aside from verifying active coverage, the most important aspect of dental insurance verification is gathering information on what's covered (and not covered) on the patient's dental insurance plan.

Maximums, deductibles, co-insurance percentages, age and frequency limitations, waiting periods and carrier specific guidelines are just a few of the things that we gather for every insurance plan in your system.

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