Who We Are

Making your day just a little bit easier.

Our story

Created to solve the problems facing a busy office manager.

Dentalogic was created to help dentists and office managers spend more time focusing on their patients, while still being confident that their insurance tasks were being managed correctly.

After creating an online dental front office training program, our co-founder, Kinzie Broxson, had the idea of starting a company to provide outsourced, dental insurance verification and dental billing services.

Over the past three years, we have grown from working with a few offices in Texas to working with multiple offices across the country.

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Busy dental office manager

Meet the team.

Wyatt Headshot

Wyatt's expertise is in standardizing operations, staffing, and training to provide a dependable, repeatable service for every client. He handles all things operations and ensures the easiest onboarding experience possible.

Dentalogic's unique strength is being able to assess trends across every client, consolidate them into an aggregate and implement the best processes across every client. We see thousands of patients each day, and having the ability to learn the most optimal process allows us to make sure each practice has the tools and processes to maximize their time and money.

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Kinzie Headshot

Kinzie combines her past experience as a practice manager with her unending knowledge of dental insurance to provide the most accurate, detailed billing service to every Dentalogic client. She takes pride in being extremely accessible to every client. Perfecting the client experience and never compromising on quality remains her #1 rule.

She is also the founder of the largest dental insurance group on Facebook, Cracking the Dental Insurance Code. Where thousands of dental professionals share their knowledge and tips on dental insurance and how to use it to benefit the practice.

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Erick Headshot

Erick joined Dentalogic in 2022 as CEO to help us grow into the national company we are today. He is regarded as one of the top reimbursement experts in the dental industry, and brings with him plans for Dentalogic to become leader in dental PPO Optimization.

His past experience includes CEO of Maverist Dental Networks (now Zelis), CEO of Renaissance Electronic Services (now Vyne), and CEO of Appolonia Dental, a firm that primarily works with large DSOs to optimize their PPO participation, credentialing and reimbursement, resulting in millions of dollars in increased reimbursement.

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Our Process

Explore our strategy to streamline dental insurance verification and dental billing.


We work hard to simplify the process of dental insurance verification and dental billing. Working with multiple practices of all shapes and sizes gives us the ability to see what works best in an office, and what could be improved upon.

We are then able to take those processes and translate them across every practice we work with, giving your staff a roadmap of how the process should work, if done correctly.


Simplifying the process only works if the steps are easy to repeat. We don't want to add extra work in your office, after all, our goal is to make things easier.

After a few weeks of working with Dentalogic, you'll see an improvement in the work that surrounds the insurance process in your office because the steps and expectations are clearly outlined in an easy to understand way.


We never want to leave your staff unprepared. That is why we strive to provide a consistent, transparent dialogue around everything that we see. We teach our account managers "over-communicate" with their practice.

Our team is knowledgable about dental insurance and our job is to equip your staff with the tools they need to handle any conversation that a patient may ask them.

Dental insurance outsourcing
Who We Are

An extra employee without extra management.

All of our employees are centralized in our office in Texas, and we plan to keep it that way. Have confidence knowing that none of your PHI will ever be outsourced overseas, and you'll always be able to have a conversation with the people that are handling one of the most sensitive pieces of your business.

We empower you and your team to focus your effort, time and resources into providing the best possible patient experience.

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