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The Founders

Kinzie and Wyatt Broxson are passionate about helping dental practices collect what they are owed quickly and correctly. Kinzie takes pride in decoding the processing guidelines and appeals process of each payer. Wyatt’s expertise is standardizing the operations, staffing, and training to deliver a dependable and high-quality service for every client. They began by teaching dental practices the best practices for front office management including: scheduling, treatment planning, dental insurance verification and dental insurance billing.

Starting Dentalogic

It didn’t take long for clients who were continually having staffing issues to ask to outsource these services. In 2019, Dentalogic was formed by Kinzie and Wyatt Broxson to provide outsourced Dental Insurance Verification and Dental Insurance Billing to dental practices. Unlike other services, Dentalogic services are provided by employees located in our Denton Texas office. The centralized location is critical to our ability to maintain best practices for each payer and ensure a standardized high-quality process for every client.

COVID had a significant impact for everyone but hit dental practices especially hard. Practices had increased costs for PPE, PPO reimbursement compression, and increased staffing challenges which has increased the demand for outsourced services exponentially. As payers use more and more networks at the same time, PPO reimbursement is expected to compress by another 2% to 4% over the next several years.

Expanding Services with new CEO, Erick Paul

In 2022, Kinzie and Wyatt recruited Erick Paul to join Dentalogic as its CEO to lead the scale-up process and to expand its services to include PPO Optimization for all its clients. For the typical practice, PPO Optimization can increase revenue from $30K to $50K annually. PPO Optimization combined with RCM creates a unique competitive advantage for Dentalogic’s clients.

Erick Paul is regarded as one of the top reimbursement experts in the dental industry. He has worked with over 20 payers to create network strategies and reimbursement methodologies. This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Delta Dental plans, regional, and national networks. He has also built networks and set fees in every state nationwide.  

As the CEO of Maverest Dental Network (now Zelis), he worked with leading payers on their network stacks including Aetna, Cigna, Guardian, Humana, MetLife, etc. As the CEO of Renaissance Electronic Services (now Vyne Dental), he published U&C reports and utilization based on about 1/3 of every electronic claim submitted in the country.

As the CEO of Apollonia Dental, Erick worked with large DSOs to optimize their PPO participation and reimbursement resulting in millions of dollars in increased reimbursement. It’s this process that is now being made available for individual practices.

Our Commitment

The Dentalogic team is dedicated to helping every client have an excellent experience and increased profitability.  Are you ready to enjoy the Dentalogic experience?

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